Banyule Youth Services

Banyule Youth Services

Youth Summit

The 2023 Banyule Youth Summit was held at the Heidelberg Golf Club on May 25.  The event brought together 100 young people to discuss topics that matter most to them. Young people talked about mental health, gender equality, masculinity and climate change and more.

Politicians  and decision  makers were in the room for the presentation of recommendations for positive change. You can read the report outlining the recommendations and see the highlights video below.

Banyule Youth Summit 2023 Report

2023 Banyule Youth Summit Photo Highlights

Banyule Youth Summit 2021 Report Card

You can read about all the outcomes achieved at the below Report Card document. 

Download your FREE copy of the Banyule Youth Summit Report Card

Check out our Banyule Youth Summit Report Card Highlights video!