Banyule Youth Services

What We Do

Banyule Youth Services are part of the Banyule City Council.

We value, engage and empower young people between the ages of 12 – 25 years who are living, going to school, working or socialising in the Banyule community.

What We Do for Young People

Banyule Youth Services provides activities, and opportunities for young people throughout the Banyule community. Our team of Youth Workers offer supports for young people, their families and secondary schools in Banyule.

This includes: regular programs, events, workshops, school presentations, school holiday activities, Jets Studios

BYS Guiding Principals

Banyule Youth Services offer information, activities, resources and support options for young people and their families, and also provide strategic and operational advice to the sector and other Council service units on issues that affect young people.

For more details on any of the information listed on this site please call 9457 9855.

FREE opportunities for Banyule schools

Banyule Youth Services offer free workshops and opportunities for school who work with young people ages 12-18 in Banyule. 

Banyule Youth Charter and Advocacy

Our Youth team promotes opportunities and activities that actively engage young people in all aspects of Council’s decision-making process.

The Banyule Youth Charter is an agreement between Council and young people. The Charter sets out agreed principles for young people and Council that guarantee the voice of young people is heard and acted upon.

To get involved or for information contact 9457 9855 

Banyule & Nillumbik Youth Workers Network

Banyule City Council & Nillumbik Youth Shire Council Youth Service’s work in partnership to run the network. The Banyule Nillumbik Youth Services Network (BNYSN) is the major connecting body for youth services across the region, covering a breadth of issues affecting young people, and including workers across of range of fields who engage with and support young people.

Alongside Nillumbik Youth Services, Banyule lead and support the network under the guidance of the Executive group which has a membership of over 15 agencies. The Executive group meet monthly for high level networking, strategic planning and advocacy to different levels of government for the benefit of young people and the workers who support them.

Contact the BNYSN Executive group: 

Phone: 9457 9855



Work Experience at Jets

Work experience at Jets in 2022 gives young people the opportunity to learn new skills and explore working life in a community setting in a fun and supportive team environment.

Participants will have the opportunity to contribute collaboratively to all areas of the service.  Work experience at Jets is a great fit for those interested in the creative arts industries.

To get involved with this program or join the wait list, please fill in our Expression of Interest form. 


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