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Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds is a three-piece band from the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Delivering a diverse and intricate culmination of pop-punk hooks and an alternative/indie sound, Out of Bounds are making the most of a post-genre world. With lyrics that reflect their own personal idiosyncrasies, they express themes such as ambition, insecurity and death in a way that is relatable yet open to individual interpretation. The three multi-instrumentalists blend genres using guitars, piano, ukulele, keyboards and bass alongside drums that drive the songs and create the ‘Out Of Bounds’ sound.

Out of Bounds’ latest single ‘Tv Screen – Reimagined’ is the reimagined version of their song TV Screen which was originally on their first EP. ‘State of Anxiety’.

If you want to book them or get in touch via email. In the meantime, check them out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Triple J Unearthed, Spotify or on their Website.

Watch a live stream of Out of Bounds from 2020 right here!