Orange Juice

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Orange Juice; a short film about an autistic girl who struggles to identify with her peers, and whose experience asks us to think about acceptance, belonging and how we treat others.

Orange Juice is written and directed by Darcy Scales and produced by CJ Welsh.

Orange Juice premiered on Tuesday October 19th via Yellow Ladybugs' and Banyule Youth Services' Facebook pages.  We are so excited to present to you this amazing film on demand. 

Yellow Ladybugs and Banyule Council are proud to collaborate together on this launch event, through their sponsorship of this short film.


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Darcy K Scales

Darcy wrote, filmed and directed Orange Juice. Darcy is a freelance photographer and videographer, specialising in portrait and event work, including capturing live music, theatre productions, business/product photography and much more.

With over 5 years industry experience, she has worked with major companies such as In The Dark Events and Midsumma Festival. Darcy's previous film credits include Sapphire and Night.

You can contact Darcy via their website

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CJ Welsh

CJ is the producer for Orange Juice. CJ is a Melbourne based film producer and researcher in the fields of distribution and privacy. He was awarded the VCA Producer of the Year 2016 and has had three films selected for the St Kilda Film Festival Australia's Top 100. CJ's films have also received awards in a number of international film festivals.

CJ is currently developing a feature narrative drama, several digital series concepts and completing a Master of Fine Art (Research) in film distribution and piracy. He is also the Screen Production Coordinator at the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Fine Arts and Music - VCA Film & Television.  

You can contact CJ via their website.