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06. Boundaries

Assess your personal boundaries first

  • Know your limits
  • Pay attention to your feelings
  • Give yourself permission to set boundaries
  • Consider your environment

Seek help

Setting boundaries at work may be as simple as seeking advice from managers, mentors, family or other workers in that field.

Set Limits

Once you have an idea of the areas where you need to focus, start setting limits. One example could be not checking work emails after work hours.

Communicate clearly

Communication consists of oral, listening, written, adaptability and public speaking. Clear communication is important to avoid confusion, provides purpose and creates accountability.

Take time to respond

One trick that may keep you from saying “yes” to that next project is a small pause to take time to respond. This technique will give you a chance to check-in with yourself to determine whether you have a conflict or if you want to pursue the project.

Practice saying no

Remember if you don’t feel comfortable with doing certain jobs or activities you can always say no. For example, risky photoshoots, turning up the level of volume that exceeds your ear limitations,

Develop a system

Develop a system for productivity by choosing your hours of working and disconnecting after those hours.

Create a structure

One way of creating structure can be supplying agendas for meetings, make a list of equipment, price lists, streamlined process’s for clients and having a process for submitting quotes and invoices.


Set clear expectations with clients at the beginning of the process about what they can expect from you, as the professional, and what you expect from them, as the client. This includes acceptable behaviours, mutual respect and a commitment to the therapeutic process.

Personal Information

Avoid disclosing your personal information to a client.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Maintain your clients’ privacy and confidentiality.

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