Relationship & Bullying support

Family & Relationship Violence & Support

Northern Domestic Violence outreach: 9458 5788 or 9457 5087

Women's Domestic Violence Crisis Service (24 hours): 1800 015 188

Womans Health in the North: 9462 3266

Victim assistance program; 9355 9900

Victims of crime helpline: 1800 819 817


Sexual Assault Crisis Line

After hours and weekends

Ph: 1800 806 292

Counselling line & referrals
Ph: 9496 2240 (12.30pm to 5pm)
Fax: 9497 2708


Love, Advice and Stories

A great site put together by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre


Bursting the Bubble

This website helps you to work out what's okay in a family and what's not. It tells you what you can do if someone in your family is hurting or abusing you or another member of your family.


When Love Hurts

This is an informative website for girls about love, respect and abuse in relationships.


The Line

This is another website for both girls and guys and helps you work out what is ok in a relationship and what might be crossing 'the line'


Reach Out!

Reach Out! is a service that helps young people get through tough times. It provides information and support on a range of issues.