Life Hacks

Young people from the 2014 Youth Summit developed a recommendation that a handy information booklet is created for young people with information on important topics such as banking, tax, Medicare, enrolling to vote, getting your Ps and more. Life Hacks was so popular, a third edition has now been created with added topics such as health, travelling, all things money, insurance plus more!

Click the link above to download an electronic copy of the booklet, or contact Banyule Youth Services on 9457 9855 for a free hard copy.

Banyule Youth Services have also turned Life Hacks into an interactive in school workshop designed for young people.

Life Hacks workshops offer practical life skills in a fun and engaging session. These comprise a series of short modules that can be delivered consecutively or as stand-alone sessions. Topics that will be covered include:

  • Money & budgeting
  • Safe partying
  • Your legal rights & getting a job
  • Health & wellbeing

Click here to see some of the modules that are now available as virtual presentations. 

Life Hacks Third Edition