Record With Us

Want to record a Demo, Single, EP or Album?

Are your friends encouraging you to make a CD?

Need a pro studio to track drums?

Want to make an audition demo?

We can help!

Jets professional recording studio is open to the public for hire accompanied by our skilled audio engineers. No matter your skill level or the size of your project Jets can work with you to capture your music in high quality. 

Costs and services

Our pricing is based at cost recovery; you are only paying for the staff time and studio upkeep. Recording at Jets is priced at $55 per hour.  

This includes an experienced sound engineer and the use of our professional selection of microphones, pre-amps and outboard gear.
Please note:

  • No two recording projects are the same. The amount of time your recording will take will be dependent on a variety of factors - some under our control, some under your control.  As such it's important that we agree before your session on what you are aiming to get done, in what time, and to what standard.
  • Every session includes a substantial amount of setup and pack down time for both the
    artist and the engineer.  This time is billed.
  • Minimum booking is 3 hours. 

To book please contact us:  or 03 9098 8000

Special offer for Under 25s

We know that recording for the first time can seem daunting and expensive. We want to help you to make the most of your time in the studio.
If you make a booking of more than 8 hours we will offer you a free 2 hours pre production session with an experienced Jets staff member.
The session will cover:

  • Playing the songs with a staff member or listening to demos.
  • Deciding how many songs to record, picking the best if there are too many.
  • Talk about recording production style: bring your iPod or favorite CDs.
  • Talk about recording styles: Live vs Multi track, Click track vs No click track
  • Talk about adding other instruments / Instruments to bring / logistics.
  • Complete a recording schedule.

Call Jets to find out more on 03 9098 8000

Full Terms and Conditions 

Jets requires a deposit of $165 7 days prior the
session to confirm your recording. Furthermore if Jets have not received the
deposit within 7 days of booking your allotted time may be forfeited.
It is important to be punctual. If your session
booking starts at 10am so does the clock whether you are on time or not. If you
realise that you might be late a courtesy call would be very much appreciated
and expected.
If you must cancel a recording session, 72 hours
minimum notice will be needed. Cancellation the day before or on the day will
result in your deposit not being refunded
All mixes, CD-R, data, hard drives, etc. shall remain
the property of Jets until all invoices are paid in full by the client.
Bringing your own Fire wire drive/USB stick is
recommended.  This will speed up backup time. Sessions can be backed up to
CD-R or DVD-R but it takes twice as much time - a typical session will take
on average an hour to two hours to back up to DVD. The client will bear the cost of the DVD and the
time to back up.
We are not legally responsible for items brought into
the premises. It is recommended that clients obtain insurance to protect
against possible expense or loss of article(s) of value left on the premises.
This includes master tapes and data storage units (sessions on hard disc or
other recording medium) left at Jets.
Jets is a drug, alcohol and smoke-free environment,
Please respect this, anyone who breaches this request will be asked to leave,
no refunds will be issued.
Recording with a Backing track?
Please supply Jets with any backing tracks 7 days
prior to the recording, this will ensure compatibility with our recording
systems. If you do not supply backing tracks beforehand we will not be held liable
for recording time lost working around compatibility issues.        
  03 9098 8000