Jets Come & Try Week

Jets Studios in Bundoora (part of Banyule Youth Services) are hosting a Come & Try Week for young people ages 14-25 who want to find out more about their programs, or get involved in their activities this year.
Suitable for young people looking for experience in running events, music, media - film and photography, animation, creative arts, DJing, tech support, band rehearsals & more

For more info, please feel free to call us on 9098 8000 or send us a message on facebook.

THURSDAY 8th FEB - Steps to Well-being Workshop (set goals, take care of yourself and plan for a new year) with NEAMI

TUESDAY 13th FEB - Industry based programs - learning about tech, band management, record labels, film, photography and DJing

WEDNESDAY 14th FEB - Hip Hop and Street Art evening

THURSDAY 15th FEB - Event creation and management, arts, music therapy and general well-being & social activities