Banyule Youth Services

Jets Events & Media + Production Crew

When: Tuesdays (during the school term) from 4pm to 7pm

Where: Jets Studios – 2/24 The Concord, Bundoora 3083

Jets Events & Media + Production Crew is a volunteer program for young people interested in being involved in the creative industries as music producers, performers, photographers, video producers, graphic designers and so much more! Develop your skills and portfolio with Jets Studios to expand your opportunities and professional network.

Jets Events & Media

Throughout the first half of 2023, participants will be refining their valuable skills in music management and content capture preparing for and providing media coverage for the All-Ages Tour with The Push in May. They will also continue their production & preparation to release their next edition of Mishmash Magazine.

Production Crew

Production Crew is a collective of musicians, light & sound engineers, and music producers. This program brings fully formed music projects (and solo musicians looking for others) together to play, write, record and produce music with industry standard equipment and software in a professional music studio. With 2 fully-formed acts in the program currently, the intention of this term is to get original material written, recorded and produced for a vinyl release 2023!

Don’t know if this program is for you? Here are some of the pathways and creative projects that would benefit from being at Jets on Tuesdays:

Photographers: Portrait & Live Music

Video Production: developing social media content, storytelling and capturing events

Graphic Designers: Promotion & Marketing, Social Media Content, Music Artwork & Merchandise

Artists: solo or group performers aspiring to perform or record music, or buidl their network of musician friends and collaborators

Music Management: Talent/Artist Management, Booking Management, Social Media Management, Event Development & Event Management

Promotion: Interviewing & Presenting, Event, Project & Artist Promotion

Being involved with Jets Events can lead to industry training and networking opportunities, developing and managing live music events & projects of your creation. There are also opportunities to bring your music projects and live stream events to life: whether it’s a local artist/organisation you want to collaborate with, or even a project such as a printed zine or photo lookbook, the possibilities are endless. FReeZA programs like this lead to pathway opportunities beyond the program, such as our Creative for Hire & Marketspace.

Enrolment and waitlist of this program are closed. If you have any further questions or other referrals to similar programs, you can text us on 0403 847 824 or call 03 9098 8000 to chat with one of our youth workers.

The best part of being at Jets Studios is interacting with others, being involved and being part of a team.


Media Team

I enjoy the zines & graphic design opportunities.


Jets Events Team

My favourite part of the program is getting to write music with other young people.


Jets Production Crew



Jets Events Team

Scroll through the gallery below to read the latest project created by the Jets Events & Media Team: MishMash Magazine “PRIDE” Issue #02: