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How we can help

Banyule Youth Services offer support, advice and information to young people on a range of topics.  We have a “no wrong door” approach, which means that we will support anybody who contact us to find what services or referrals they need. We do not discriminate and offer equitable service to all young people and their families.

Connect with our Youth Team for support for yourself or someone you know

You can contact us if you are a young person aged 12-25, a parent or carer of a young person or a school/agency supporting a young person. Our youth workers can provide you with information and support including general wellbeing and healthy living tips, ways to connect with your community, studying advice or general support from a youth worker.

You don’t have to speak to someone one on one if you do not want to.  We can send you information via email, text and Facebook message if you prefer it. Or we can talk to you by phone call or video chat.

Please complete our simple online form and we will be in touch. These requests are reviewed every fortnight on a Monday and we will endeavour to be in touch within 36 hours of review. If you query is urgent please call us on 94579855.

 Click here to fill out our form and tell us what type of support you need and how


Youth Workers are available to provide online or phone support to young people, parents and carers which are delivered via a 30min session and will focus on practical wellbeing strategies, general support and referral (NB support is not suitable for acute or crisis care). 

Session bookings can be made Monday – Friday, 9am – 6pm by emailing, calling 94579855 or filling in this form.

Alternatively, individual Youth workers can be contacted via their Facebook profiles. Our Staff members LisaKieranMaddiSaeed Sadia are all available to chat with young people, parents and carers and can be found on Facebook by their worker profiles.

Our service is completely private and confidential, unless the safety and wellbeing of a person is at-risk.