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Daniel Pipolo

Hi, My name is Daniel Pipolo and I am a Graphic Designer based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.  I am currently studying Communication Design at RMIT and I am about to begin my 3rd and final year of my Bachelor course in 2022.

When I graduate I hope to work in a design firm however I would like to do some internships and freelance work to gain additional experience before I look for a job. I am proficient with Adobe programs such as InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop and also have a base knowledge of camera craft skills. I also have dabbled in typography and website design but feel that these are avenues I would like to further develop in the future.

I would consider myself a creative person, and when faced with a brief that inspires me I go above and beyond the requirements to produce something that I believe to be fresh and exciting. I am also collaborative and value the input of other people in my design process.

Outside of design, my hobbies include playing drums, reading, and hiking. I am inspired by music and its interconnectedness with design and believe that my fascination with album covers and tour posters lead to my eventual passion for graphic design. I look up to artists such as Leif Podhajsky and Jason Galea who have created psychedelic visuals within the Australian music scene. I’m also inspired by design movements of the past such as the Bauhaus and believe strongly in its ideas of simplicity and function within design. 

If you would like to work with or connect with Daniel Pipolo, email them. You can see more of Daniel’s work on his website.