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Did you know that Banyule is home to a whole movement of young & creative professionals?

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Find out who they are, what they’re doing, and how they can make YOUR creative projects shine, by checking out the new Creatives For Hire webpage, which includes: Profiles of local creatives ready to hire, A Market Space community full of young people selling their products, Extensive resources for young people establishing their business, Links to get involved! This is your one-stop-shop to the emerging, youth-owned creative industry in Banyule! View our digital launch on our Facebook. If you would like to become a Creative for Hire, please follow the below tiles to join Creatives for Hire or Market Space.
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Ashleigh handmakes all her creations including scrunchies, cosmetic bags, totes and aprons. She pours a lot of love into making  unique and stylish pieces. View …

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Art by Ally

Ally creates fluid art which involves using mediums such as acrylic pants, alcohol inks, watercolours and resin to create unique and dynamic artworks. She offers …

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Shona sitting with a handful of small flowers while modelling an abayas


Shona makes custom made clothing including abayas (religious dress/gowns) skirts and dresses. Everything is sourced locally and each piece can be customised to the customer’s liking. …

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an abstract, multicolour cross stitch with pink, purple, yellow and blue tones.

Mikimac Stitches

Mikayla likes doing bright, colourful work and experimenting with mediums. She makes decorative embroidery hoops and polymer clay earrings. See more on Mikayla’s Instagram.

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a Glass Spotify plaque next to a small house plant and white candle

Gifted by A (Ava)

Ava makes Spotify plaques with scannable codes, personalised glitter baubles, key rings, lights and candles. She offers a range of colours, and customisable options are available.

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vinyl with 'The Great Wave' painted onto it

Meraki Painted Records (Alicia Adorna)

Alicia aspires to spread the happiness that art gives her to others. She takes old, scratched up, and unwanted vinyl records and turn them into art. …

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a crystal beaded bracelet with a silver clasp

AllHeART (Nicole Bester)

Nicole is extremely passionate about giving back to the community and aims to raise awareness and funds through the arts through donating a portion of …

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animated still of a caucasian women with half pink and half green hair and eyebrows.

Lucy Rowe Art

Lucy’s art is inspired by the people around her and what they make. She uses Procreate to do her digital art as well as painting …

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6 different coloured insulated water bottles, with silver lids and customised vinyl names printed

Madz Designs

Madeline is a local young woman living with Downs Syndrome who is loving life. She started off making earrings to pass time and now makes, …

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4 pairs of stud clay earrings, featuring pineapples, oranges, eggs and watermelon

Amelia Howes

Amelia started making clay jewellery as a hobby until her teacher suggested she sell them at the school fate. Not long after, she had a …

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D&D dice surrounding a piece of art of a D&D die

Plutonian (Darcie Cotton)

Darcie is a 20-year-old game design student and part-time convention artist! A lot of her work is centered around positive mental health, self identity and …

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Victoria Winata

Victoria is an 18-year-old freelance writer currently studying Politics and History at the University of Melbourne. She is an incredibly dynamic writer who writes both …

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Local beatmaker and producer Jae specializes in sonic creations for rappers, singers, podcasters and film makers alike. With a background in video production in the …

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Cat Marshall Media

Cat Marshall Media is a freelance music photographer. Based in Melbourne and frequent venues in Collingwood, Fitzroy and CBD. If you’re an emerging artist and need a …

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Jackson Spessot

Hi! I’m Jackson, and I’m offering session musician services! Whether for recording, or for live performances, I’ve got you covered. I’ve been a musician for …

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Ecstatic! Management

Ecstatic Management is Nathan Gunn’s full service boutique of music & entertainment management based in Melbourne. Nathan Gunn is an esteemed Jets Studios alumni who has …

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Blaze Drumming

Hi my name is Adam, also known as Blaze. I am a drummer looking to do Session Drumming or Live Events. I have a great …

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Mason Peart Media

Hi! I’m Mason. I run a small media business called Mason Peart Media. I specialise in promotional, corporate and sports content, though I can do …

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SODA Music Group

SODA Music Group is Naarms (Melbournes) newest music collective. Dedicated to developing and supporting the growth of Australia’s best up-and-comers. The team at SODA offer …

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AriMDF has been writing his creative Australian style rock/folk music for over 3 years, playing electric and acoustic guitar, drums, as well as harmonica. He …

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