YouthFest in 2020 update

UPDATE: YouthFest 2020 will not go ahead. We have an exciting new event instead!

Instead of YouthFest 2020, a new music & arts event will be launching! LiveFest 2020 is a free live music event for young people ages 12-25! A smaller event to YouthFest which will allow young people to have fun while keeping safe and met the social distancing restrictions in place.

A lot of what we will be able to do will depend on what restrictions are in place so we it will evolve over the next few months.

We’re thinking it will be live on the street where Jets is located in Bundoora. We plan to have one main stage for music and as many activities as we can have and live stream it on the day.

It will look different this year due to social distancing restrictions. 

Check out more information about LiveFest 2020 - A Day on the Concord here:

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