Rise Up

YSAS and Banyule Youth Services have partnered together to create an exciting short term program for young women (14-17) from around the Banyule area. The program will be starting in Term 4 and will be broken up into six weeks! The program is similar to the Rise Program run previously, hwoever will focus more broadly on well-being than on education pathways this time.

The program is aimed at young women who are at risk of disengagement & would benefit from support around managing friendships, intimate relationships, body image & self-esteem.

Guest facilitators will include Family Planning Victoria, Youth Resource Officers from Victoria Police, a specialised Yoga & wellness instructor, a Self-Defence trainer and a workshop by a Local Artist.

Each session will combine mindfulness, journal writing, empowerment & discussions with fun, creative & inspiring activities!
Please contact Banyule Youth Services on 9457 9929 or email kate.james@banyule.vic.gov.au for more information