Public Transport Changes - 2017 annual fare adjustment sees concession changes

Following the Government review into ticketing compliance and enforcement earlier this year, PTV is also introducing a number of changes to concessions.

  • Age limit raised for concession fares – From 30 January 2017, the age limit at which people are automatically entitled to a concession fare is being raised from 16, to 18. This change means 17 and 18-year-olds who are not currently eligible for concession, can now purchase a Child myki and pay a concession fare, instead of having to pay the full fare.

  • Victorian Public Transport Concession Card (Now known as PTV School/Tertiary Student ID) – From 30 January 2017, customers aged 17 and 18 no longer need to purchase a PTV School/Tertiary Student ID, as they can now show government issued proof of age identification, such as a learners driver’s license or Proof of Age card. Those purchasing a Victorian Student Pass will still be required to purchase a PTV School Student ID.

  • Free travel for children under five – From 30 January 2017, the free travel age for young children will be raised from three to four years old. Any child under the age of five will be able to travel for free.

The new child age arrangements will be introduced from the end of January, to provide time for public education and staff training ahead of students returning to school after the summer holidays.

In addition to these changes, from 1 January 2017, a $3 weekend and public holiday daily myki cap is being introduced for concession customers. This entitles them to all-day travel in Zone 1+2 and is 90 cents less than the current 2016 fare. The full fare weekend cap will remain at $6.00.

Victorian Seniors Card holders, Disability Support Pensioners and Carer Payment recipients are entitled to free travel in two consecutive zones on Saturdays and Sundays using a myki. DHS Carer Card holders are entitled to the same free travel on Sundays.

Public transport fares continue to represent good value, with Zone 1 myki money users paying $4.10 for a 2 hour fare. This represents a fare increase of just 30 cents in five years, when compared to the same Metcard fare in 2011.

Zone 1+2 customers will pay $8.20 for a daily fare, a saving of $4.72 compared to the same fare in 2014, and $6.80 less than the current daily fare in Sydney.

In addition, public transport will be free across Victoria on Christmas Day and after 6pm on New Year’s Eve to help people celebrate with family and friends.

For more information, see Concession Info