Join the Jets Crew

About Jets Crew.

What you get:

FREE Access to the Jets Facility
FREE Use of our equipment to work on YOUR project.
FREE Access to professional mentors to take your band/project to the next level.
FREE Training Sessions in a range of specialised Creative Arts areas.
FREE FOLIO documenting your new skills to make it easy to gain recognition of prior learning should you decide to study a related subject later on.
JETS CREW MEMBERS also get invited along to gain ON THE JOB EXPERIENCE working with Jets Staff at events.

What we need from you:

AN INTEREST IN DOING SOMETHING CREATIVE - you don't need any prior experience.
JETS INDUCTION - You will need to satisfactorily complete initial training session before you can access Jets.  The induction introduces you to the rules of the facility, and makes sure you can use the equipment safely and correctly.
BOOKINGS - you will need to make an online or telephone booking each time you would like to use Jets.  Find out how at the Induction.
If you have any more questions please give us a call 03 9098 8000

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