The Jets Creative Arts Program Transition Survey results


Welcome to the Jets Transition Information Survey Page which outlines the major findings from participants responses. 

In November and December of 2016, the Jets Creative Arts Program participants and families offered feedback via the Jets Transition Information Survey.

It was awesome that we received a 100% response rate, this enabled us to make evidence based decisions for Jets participants going forward.

Important information gathered: 

  • What is imperative to the participants and their families.
  • Why Creative Arts Participants attend Jets.
  • What participants enjoy most about  Jets services and programs.
  •  Insight into Participants and their families future hopes and goals.


Major feedback from the survey includes:  

  • What do Creative Arts Participants enjoy and find important at Jets?
  • What additional support do Creative Arts Participants seek from Jets?
  • What are the Creative Arts Participants hopes and goals for the future?

These items are captured in the tables attached below. 


In Summary: 

Jets recognise the importance of collaborating with partner organisations to strengthen the transition process, and to create more opportunities for connection to the community. 

We understand that Jets primarily provides a social outlet for participants, that is directly achieved through the participation in creative arts activities and outcomes.  

Arts is Jets 'vehicle for engagement.' 

If you would like to talk about this further, please contact Jets Team Leader Rebecca Lonie on 03 9098 8000 or email