Jets For Young People

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Jets is Banyule Youth Service's (BYS) creative arts hub where young people come to EXPRESS, CREATE & CONNECT.  

Jets/ BYS is a welcoming, inclusive and non-judgemental space where everyone respects and celebrates each other. At Jets/ BYS, you can join a community that supports and encourages you to explore your creative self in a safe and supportive setting. 


banyule City Council invites all young people who are interested in the creative industries to get involved in our groups and to develop skills they want to build on and explore. Jets/Banyule Youth Services deliver a variety of amazing groups and activities for young people to explore.

You will gain access to many opportunities, work with others on collaborative projects, support live events throughout the community, develop networks and meet with other like-minded young people.

At Jets we are passionate about supporting you to make great things happen in your community. Jump on board

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Learn About Jets Weekly Groups HERE!

Jets Crew 

We invite young people to join the Jets/ BYS community for FREE. 

Jets Crew are young people aged between 12 and 25 years who volunteering for an event or come to a weekly group at Jets.

Jets Crew have access to:

  • Our Jets Weekly Groups

  • Multimedia software, cameras & lighting equipment

  • Musical instruments

  • Art supplies

  • Pathway opportunities, including training & mentoring

  • Recording studios for all the things! Music, podcast etc.

  • LGBTIQA+ rainbow programs & resources

  • Support services with qualified youth workers

  • work experience: please see information HERE

Please get in touch via our expression of interest form below if you are interested in joing the Jets Crew. 

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Jets Expression Of Interest Form HERE!

Jets Staff

At Jets/Banyule Youth Services you will be mentored by professionals who have experience working in the creative arts industries.

Staff will support you to learn how to use professional music equipment, multimedia gear, creative workshops and opportunities to volunteer at events. We look forward to helping to support you and fostering your growth, goals and aspirations.

Meet the Banyule Youth Services team HERE.

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What a Jets Studios Session Looks Like!

Each week young people get together at the Jets Studios to meet, develop ideas and make awesome creations.  It is a chance to hang out with like-minded young people, work on your goals, learn technical skills, be mentored by skilled staff and explore your interests and friendships.

All Jets Crew groups meet from 4pm - 7pm, Monday through to Friday. Snacks provided! 

Jets/Banyule Youth Services: A Social Story 

We understand everyone processes information differently. Please see below our 'Jets/ BYS Social Story'.  This is a short explanation (with photos) of what to expect when coming to Jets, including what a Jets session might look like for you! 

Find more information about Banyule Youth Services supports and referral pathways HERE.


Jets Recording Studio 2021

Jets Induction: For Young People

On enrollment all young people attending Jets/ BYS will be required to take part in our Jets Induction and complete the 'Jets Crew Sign Up Forms'. 

The Induction helps young people understand the Jets spaces, and how Council are striving to keep everyone safe. We have clear expectations around what is considered 'Jets appropriate behaviour'. This expectation is upheld through a culture of inclusion and respect.  All young people are required to attend induction.

The information covered includes: 

  • Jets/ BYS culture & expectations

  • Duty of care

  • Child safe standards

  • Mandatory reporting

  • Privacy

  • Cyber safety

  • Technology & equipment

  • Jets facility - emergency procedures

  • Staff and individual expectations.

To experience the Jets Induction, Check it out HERE

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