Community & School Workshops

Table of contents

Our Staff regularly present workshops to secondary school and community groups in our local area.  The presentations are FREE of charge for the groups and schools.

We prefer to work with smaller groups, however can accommodate larger year levels if required.

The following workshops are available:

  • Generalist Banyule Youth Services presentation (15 mins)
    A general presentation talking about our role in the community, what we offer young people and what other services are available in Banyule for people to utilise
  • Body Image & Gender Equity Workshop (2 hours)
    This session is specifically for young people who identify as female or non-binary.  The first half of the session unpacks the effects of social media on the confidence, wellbeing and body image of young people and the second half focuses on the topic of gender equity and its effects on how people interact with others.  The sessions mildly discuss relationships, friendship, language, sexual health and media literacy.
  • Safe Partying Workshop (1 hour)
    This session is flexible to the needs of different age groups (early, mid or late secondary school).  The Workshop discusses key strategies for staying safe whilst partying and socialising.  The discussion talks through services that can help young people, harm-minimisation when using alcohol and drugs and how to take care of your friends.
  • Life Hacks Workshop (1 hour)
    This NEW workshop is starting in the second half of 2018.  The session explores themes in the very successful Life Hacks booklet that young people from our 2014 Banyule Youth Summit created.  Learn how to apply for a Medicare card, move out of home, open a bank account, get your Ls or Ps and more.  Practical life skills offered in a fun and interactive session.  Great for students in older year levels, but flexible to the needs of most groups.
  • Resilience & Wellbeing Workshop (1 hour)
    Emotional intelligence, resilience, wellbeing and mindfulness are all discussed in this interesting and fun session.  Young people are supported to better understand their own needs and practical strategies to get through tough times.  This session is great for groups who are getting to know each other or for those interested in how to manage stress or difficult situations.


Please contact us on 9457 9855 or to book into a session or find out more about them.